Any trainee wanting to get out should let me know so I can put their names on the web, don't wait for Instructors to put their names up, as they might not if there are no trainees going out.

Email or phone me if anybody is diving,informing me what time and place for meeting, and dive site 
All planning on diving should get in touch so the list can be amended, that way everybody knows how many people are planning on turning up, and what Instructors are available. Remember you should still inform the D.O. that you are diving, by text or phone, stating who, where and when.
Remember that all Fee's to SSAC and MUSAC must be paid with Medical sent to be Insured for diving,
Instructors to check trainees logbook and membership before the dive.
All training dives to have a risk assesment and dive sheets filled out, and handed to the BDO on the Wednesday Night

I would like to go diving on the days below any Instructors / Buddys available PLEASE

Terry Halligan  
07724 204235    


Musselburgh Sub Aqua Club