We have constructed this site to attract new members from the Lothian and surrounding areas, and to supply some helpful information to would-be undersea explorers who are already planning to join.

Ever since the 1940’s, when a French navy gunnery officer, Jacques Cousteau developed his aqualung, the sport of scuba diving has increased equally both in popularity and safety throughout the years.

Having being founded in 1995 MuSAC (Musselburgh Sub Aqua club) is a relatively new organization in the scheme of things but the ScotSAC (Scottish Sub Aqua Club) who are the governing body for ScotSAC branches of whom we are affiliated too, was founded in 1953 making it the first Sub Aqua Club in the UK. There are over 80 ScotSAC clubs in Scotland and our dive qualifications are recognised world-wide.
MuSAC, started by a group of experienced divers from other ScotSAC clubs, places a heavy emphasis on safe diving practices, good free training by the instructors.

Our membership fees are among the lowest for any dive club, see
Joining page for costs.

We have eight sets of new well serviced equipment for trainee divers, this is available for no charge until you qualify as a Sport Diver.

It is expected that our trainee divers purchase basic equipment such as mask, fins and snorkel soon after joining and other diving equipment as soon as practically possible.

Secondhand equipment is available and we can give help and advice when purchasing gear.

It is our hope that that new members will eventually find themselves participating in the running of the
club and helping with dive trips and outings both diving and social. 

If they are willing, also become instructors and ambassadors to the ScotSAC cause - diving for fun rather than profit.


Musselburgh Sub Aqua Club