Musselburgh Sub Aqua Club

A frequently asked question from people thinking about joining our club is 'how long will it take me to become qualified?'
This is something you have to ask yourself!
Our instructors are dedicated and trainees who attend every week, joining in on the Saturday or Sunday dives, will progress quicker.

Remember that all our training is free and so there is no time limit. Everyone learns at their own speed and it is important to us that you, and the instructors enjoy the training.

We teach you to dive in a swimming pool before letting you loose in the sea.

Some trainees have become qualified and gone on to become an instructor in the space of 18 months, whereas others who can’t attend as often can take several years to get qualified.

We follow the ScotSAC training programme very closely. You will be taught to dive safely and deal with conditions that you are likely to meet in Scottish waters.

Training starts with basic a swimming assessment.
(we have had trainees who had just learnt to swim and now are qualified divers).
Then you move onto snorkel work this is introduction to basic equipment & snorkel equipment.
Then onto the good stuff Scuba training in the pool.
When completed its off to the big blue yonder for open water training.
See pool training cards...
Lectures are run for the theoretical side of training usually 1 hour before pool training

This will involve the Branch Diving Officer (BDO) & Regional Coach (RC) checking over your training records / log books and qualifications, and deciding what training maybe required for your crossover to a SSAC qualification.
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crossover requirements

Crossing over from another organisation